Xiaomi is working to block the installation of Google Services by alternative methods for non-GMS mobile phones

Chinese smart phone companies do not provide Google Mobile Services for all smartphones launched in their country. That’s because all Google Platforms are banned in China. But even though Google Mobile Services was not provided for such smart phones, so far they have been able to download Google Mobile Services outside China or with the help of a VPN.

However, they have stated that they will not be able to download Google Mobile Services from Xiaomi’s smartphones, which are a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Accordingly, it will not be possible to obtain Google Mobile Services through alternative methods for MI and Redmi smartphones that do not have Google Mobile Services purchased from now on.

The inability to download Google Mobile Services again for non-GMS phones will mainly affect the Mi 10 Ultra, Redmi K30 Ultra and Redmi 10X series smartphones limited to China. These devices will no longer be able to access Google Mobile Services in any other country, and third-party services will be able to sideline GSM apps.

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