The UK is set to ban the use of Huawei devices on 5G networks from September 2021

Huawei has banned the use of 5G technology devices manufactured by Huawei in the UK from September 2021. The UK government has said in a statement that it intends to use Huawei’s products in its 5G infrastructure.

Prior to the UK’s order, all telephone service providers were required to remove Huawei devices from their networks by 2027. Following the US policy, China has also expressed displeasure over the UK imposing sanctions on Huawei in this manner. But the UK has said it has decided to take such action to ensure its country’s security.

Oliver Dowden, the UK’s Digital Minister, has issued a statement in this regard.

He was speaking ahead of a parliamentary debate on legislation to remove equipment and infrastructure needed to provide Chinese-made telephone services.

Following the decision to remove the Chinese company from its 5G network, the UK government has invested $ 250 million in the company, and Japan’s NEC has reportedly been selected to provide the new infrastructure.

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