• Boards That Failed At The One Job They Were Designed For
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    12 Funny Cutout Boards That Failed At The One Job They Were Designed For

    Face cutouts on cardboard can be a great addition to any event, be it for children or adults. These cutouts allow you to put your face into a hole and become a character from your favorite franchise or an animal, or just have a good laugh with some silly photo ops. However, not all cutouts are created equal, and some may not be anatomically correct. But maybe that’s a good thing, for the sake of laughter. Our list makers have put together a collection of strange and amusing face cutouts that show this is an art form that requires creativity and attention to detail. Designers should approach it with the…

  • funny-dudette-with-sign
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    Woman Protests Annoying Everyday Things That Many Of Us Can Relate To

    Have you heard of “Dude With Sign“? He’s a popular internet personality created by Seth Phillips, who gained fame by holding up humorous cardboard signs with relatable messages in public places. But now, there’s a new twist to this concept that has been gaining popularity on social media. Meet Nisarah, the witty mind behind “Dudette With Sign”. Her take on the humorous signage is refreshing, as she adds a female perspective to the everyday situations that we all encounter. With her quick wit and relatable commentary, Nisarah’s signs are just as hilarious as the original “Dude With Sign”. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12…

  • 15 Of The Most Creative Bathroom Signs Ever
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    15 Of The Most Creative Bathroom Signs Ever

    It’s amazing how many different words we have in the English language to refer to bathrooms, such as toilet, lavatory, and WC. Similarly, there used to be separate signs for “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” bathrooms, but those terms don’t really apply to modern society. Nowadays, we use pictograms to indicate which restroom is which, and some places even use decorative signs to add a little humor to the experience. Wideaside recently compiled a list of funny bathroom signs that showcase how creative people can get with their restroom signage. Rather than using plain old “Men” and “Women” signs, these designers have come up with some truly unique and clever creations. Although,…