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Samsung is set to add voice unlocking via Bixby to the Galaxy S21 series

Like every smartphone manufacturer, they have a Face Unlock feature for their devices. In addition you can see a fingerprint sensor. On most smartphones, this can be seen as an In Display Fingerprint Sensor or a Physical Fingerprint Scanner. It is also reported that they are ready to provide the Voice Unlock feature for Samsung’s S21 Series.

This Voice Unlock feature was previously provided with Bixby for some Samsung devices and they later removed this feature themselves. According to reports, this voice unlock feature is expected to be available for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series along with the One UI 3.1 version. දි In this previously provided feature you have to say “Hi Bixby” to unlock the device. It is expected that the Voice Unlock feature coming in 2021 will be similar.

According to the official Samsung support page, unlocking the device with the “Hi Bixby” voice command is completely safe. However, when compared to Face ID and Fingerprint Unlock, we feel a little insecure about this Voice Unlock feature. However, this Voice Unlock feature can be described as a very important feature.

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