Recovers temporary crashes of Gmail, YouTube, and several other Google services

Yesterday, several Google services, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Docs and Google Drive, crashed. And you may have faced this problem too.

Google has now fixed this problem. The Google Services Status Page also reported a Google service crash.

In addition to the Google Services app, the crash also caused performance issues for smart home gadgets running with Google Assistant. It has also been reported that games such as Pokémon Go, which run on Google Backend Services, have stopped working with this.

The Google Workspace Status Dashboard now shows that Google Services has been restored.

According to Google’s official Twitter account for Google Cloud, an “authentication system outage” caused Google Services to crash. As a result, Google Services crashed for about 45 minutes. They say the main reason for this is due to an error in their internal storage quota.

The Google services crash was reported worldwide. Meanwhile, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Japan were reported to have faced. However, Google has now corrected this error.

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