Qualcomm claims that Apple is emulating its strategies through Apple Silicon

You already know that Qualcomm and Apple are not two companies that have been collaborating for years, and that there are a number of lawsuits against each other.

However, with the closure of their 5G modem business last year by Intel, they settled many of these lawsuits (in order to obtain 5G components).

Meanwhile, with the recent launch of Apple’s first Apple Silicon chip, the situation is heating up again with Qualcomm announcing that Apple will be copying its strategies.

A spokesman for Qualcomm told AnandTech that Apple has been successfully implementing the process for years.

Qualcomm says Apple has designed their M1 chip to mimic the chips manufactured over the past two to three years, and to manufacture chips that incorporate all features such as SoC or multimedia, AI capability, camera capability. He has also stated that this is nothing new for him.

He added that Microsoft and Qualcomm have already partnered to produce two ARM – based dual – generation chipsets, the Microsoft SQ1 and SQ2, which are currently in use in the Microsoft Surface lineup.

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