No need to call “Hey Google” to wake up the Voice Assistant on Google Nest Hub Smart Displays

If you’ve used Google Assistant, you know from experience that you need to call it “Hi Google” or “OK ​​Google” to wake it up.

However, it is reported that you will not need to call Voice Assistant on Google Nest Hub Smart Display Devices to wake up in the future, that is, the Voice Assistant program will be able to listen to you all the time in the future.

Unveiled by Jan Boromeusz, the new feature uses the Nest Hub’s camera to detect whether or not the user is coming in, as well as the Nest Hub’s Ultrasound sensors, Speakers, and Microphones to capture that information.

This Ultrasonic Sensor at Nest Hub has the ability to cover a range of 1.2 meters from the device and if you have Face Match enabled on the Nest Hub, you will see a notification when you come near the Hub, even when Face Match is not enabled, Ultrasonic Sensor The hub will recognize you and show you a notification.

In both cases you do not need to wake up Google Assistant and the Hub will automatically detect your arrival.

But according to The Independent, Google has declined to comment on the latest feature, so it is safe to assume that more will be available in the near future.

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