LG focuses on designing sliding doors with Transparent OLED Panel

LG already has a very high quality transparent OLED transparent screen technology, and they are currently testing the possibility of using it in different fields.

The LG transparent OLED TV is a success, and LG is exploring the possibility of using this transparent OLED dispay technology for auto sliding doors.

This technology, which is being developed for use in business premises, banks and other private institutions, will move away from the concept of traditional doors and serve different purposes.

LG points out that this new technology sliding door enables you to execute security measures, display ads, greet customers or communicate with employees.

LG currently has the world’s most successful transparent OLED panel technology, and Panasonic and Xiaomi have also expressed interest in using LG’s transparent OLED panel technology for their TVs.

South Korea’s technology giant Samsung, which is at the forefront of display technology, has been researching this transparent OLED technology, but it was abandoned in 2016, according to The Helald newspaper in Korea.

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