Google is working to enable access to Google Maps Street View photos via Android devices

You may recall that in a previous article we informed you that Google is working on a feature that captures Street View data without a 360 ° camera.

Currently, Google has officially made the Street View app for Android the ability to capture Street View photos on your mobile phone.

Users of ARCore-compatible Android devices will be able to capture imagery and publish it to Google Street View, with Google currently offering this feature to users in Toronto, New York, Austin, Nigeria, Indonesia and Costa Rica. Google hopes to extend this feature to other countries in the future.

It is also reported that Google will use user-generated content when they do not have their Street View imagery.

This new beta feature has been tested for months, and with the release of this feature you will no longer need to have a 360 ° camera to take Street View images.

With this feature, the faces and license plates of the Street View photos you take will be automatically blurred.

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