Google is offering a number of features for iOS users using Google Authenticator, including a dark theme and 2FA account transfers.

We informed you in a previous article that Google is working to provide Google Authenticator users with an update with some new features, which Google also made available to Android users earlier this year.

Currently, Google is working to provide this update to iOS users using Google Authenticator, and the last update to the Google Authenticator app for iOS users will be in 2018.

With Google Authenticator 3.1 version you can see a redesigned look and the new UI removes the blue top bar of the entire app and has a white UI with various features centered.

As with the previous update for Android users, the most important feature for iOS users is the ability to transfer accounts, and with this new update, iOS users will be able to export or import 2FA codes via QR codes.

Also, Google Authenitcator version 3.1 is now available for iOS users through the App Store.

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