Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails
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Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails

We all love to know about celebrities. Other than the past, thankful to social media, we are aware of many facts about them. Though it’s a powerful tool to communicate by sharing photos, people notice many unusual things that appear in celebrity photos.

It may be expected that Celeb also has some dark cycles on the eyes, yellow teeth, and pigmentations on the skin. However, most celebrities think that it affects their personality wrong. Somehow, it can be accepted the photoshopping, but not in an obvious way.

Scroll down to see some of the most epic Photoshop fails of the last decade. From celebs changing their body shapes for Instagram to magazine editors smoothing out armpits for magazine covers, ahead are some of the most glaring examples. See if you can spot just where the image is fake!

Kylie Jenner

Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails
Kylie Jenner via Instagram

When Jenner posted this photo in 2016, fans were quick to point out that she was selling them an altered image. While there was no apparent warping in the walls or furniture, people highlighted that Jenner’s pockets and belt loops were overly stretched out.

Priyanka Chopra

Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails

In 2016 Priyanka Chopra appeared on the cover of Maxim, but her armpit was unnecessarily Photoshopped out of existence. Fans thought that was weird and hilarious, and Chopra even more so.

Britney Spears

Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails
Britney Spears via Instagram

In 2016 Britney Spears took this photo, and Fans believed Spears edited her body so her back arched higher and her stomach appeared slimmer, creating a Barbie-like figure.

Emma Watson

Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails

Emma Watson took this photo in 2010, and her fans were surprised to see that she only had one leg. The photo editors must not have been satisfied with its placement because they decided to remove it altogether. At first glance, it looks like her leg is behind the male model, but it was just completely erased.

Miranda Kerr

Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails
Miranda Kerr via Instagram

In this photo, Miranda Kerr Was stunning. And she looked like a knockout in her shimmering black and white Kors dress; it appeared that the model manipulated her silhouette to look more svelte. The hotel hallway flared out unnaturally, hinting that she used her waist and legs, so they looked smaller.

Ariana Grande

Epic Celeb Photoshop Fails
Ariana Grande via Instagram

Ariana Grande looked cute in her baby pink pencil skirt and silver-pink pastel hair; fans noticed a strange detail: her right hand was abnormally long. It almost had an alien-like quality to it. 

Reese Witherspoon

Epic Celeb Photoshop Failsv
Vanity Fair

In 2018, Reese Witherspoon appeared with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and Nicole Kidman in Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood issue, but a glaring Photoshop error seemed to be. She had three legs! If you look closely, Witherspoon has her two legs crossed but there is a third one underneath the skirt of her dress.

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