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    Flatland: 12 Bent Landscape Photos That Will Play Tricks On Your Mind

    Let’s take a journey into the world of surrealism through the lens of an incredible Turkish artist. Aydın Büyüktaş, the mastermind behind the project “Flatland,” uses drones to capture breathtaking shots of landscapes and cityscapes. In post-production, he blends two different angles to create mesmerizing and mind-bending images that seem straight out of a sci-fi movie like “Inception.” Even after 7 years, his work continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. So come along and explore this surreal universe where reality is twisted and reshaped in the most fascinating ways. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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    A Portal Connecting NYC To Dublin Is Coming To Flatiron This Spring

    The term “portal” typically evokes images from fantasy or science-fiction literature. However, despite the absence of naturally-occurring portals in our world, technology has enabled us to bring to life things that were once only found in the realm of fiction. A public installation called “Portal” is set to debut this spring at the Flatiron South Public Plaza, located at the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street. This installation will enable live video streaming from Dublin, Ireland to New York City, while another portal in Dublin will live stream footage from New York City to connect viewers in both locations. A real-life portal will be built in New York…

  • Architects Place Innovative Open Garden in Center of Seoul Skyscraper

    Architects Place Innovative Open Garden in Center of Seoul Skyscraper

    A new residential tower designed by New York-based ODA will soon grace the cityscape of Seoul. The tower’s design is highly aesthetic and has been created with the artistic sensibilities of Seoul’s citizens in mind. The design won a competition to create a mixed-use skyscraper, and is called Terrarium Cheong-dam. The tower will consist of a 45-floor structure supported by a two-story public podium. What’s more, in the middle of the tower lies a semi-private terrarium and sky garden, bringing a touch of greenery to the skies. ODA won a design competition to create Seoul’s new skyscraper, Terrarium Cheong-dam. Seoul has encouraged private-sector architects to create public space for the first…

  • This All-Electric Trailer Is the Perfect Solution For Working Off-the-Grid

    This All-Electric Trailer Is the Perfect Solution For Working Off-the-Grid

    As more and more people work remotely, they are exploring alternative options to the traditional home office. California-based company Pebble has introduced a great solution for those who prefer to be productive on the move while also being eco-friendly. The Pebble Flow Trailer is a luxurious, modern, and all-electric trailer that offers remote workers everything they need to take their workspace off-grid. California-based company Pebble has designed an all-electric trailer that’s ideal for people who work remotely. At a length of 25 feet, the trailer is spacious enough to accommodate both work and living needs. With its panoramic windows, users can enjoy a stunning view of the surroundings while working.…

  • 15 Automotive Abominations That Need To Be Seen To Be Believed

    15 Automotive Abominations That Need To Be Seen To Be Believed

    Cars are more than just an engine and four wheels. They can represent freedom, speed, creativity, and even just a fun toy to play with. However, some people take their car choices to a whole new level of strange and cursed territory. They have documented and shared the most bizarre cars and car modifications they have encountered in the wild. So, sit back, put your car in neutral and scroll through the weirdest and most unhinged car mods. Don’t forget to upvote your favorite pictures and share your thoughts in the comments below. 1.Owl Car In Arizona 2.Headlights Before Electricity Was Discovered 3.No, It’s Not Too Much Chrome And Definitely…

  • The man lives on a cruise ship for 300 days a year because his bills are cheaper than renting.
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    The man lives on a cruise ship for 300 days a year because his bills are cheaper than renting.

    Are you having an occurring headache paying bills at the month’s end? As a family man, you must work hard to settle those payments even though you want it. Ryan Gutridge found relief from the monthly bill payments, and it’s an exciting solution. It is not easy to escape from obligations easily. But Ryan, an expert on cost evaluation, has come up with an unfamiliar way of spending his worthy time. Though most retired persons choose to stay away from home for a long time by sailing worldwide, anyone who can sail while working is bliss. Cause there are less amount of people got that chance. “I worked in IT…

  • Lithuania And Poland Built A ‘Portal’ Connecting Two Of Their Cities, And People Love It
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    Lithuania And Poland Built A ‘Portal’ Connecting Two Of Their Cities, And People Love It

    Different boundaries separate people. By welcoming the differentiations of people such as thoughts, customs, rituals, and so on, this world will be a better place for everyone. In the modern world, there are so many ways to stay connected with each other. Those relationships are driven in a boundless way. With the help of technology, The city of Vilnius in Lithuania and the city of Lublin in Poland are now connected by a portal in which they can see each other. The portal is of a circular shape that symbolizes the wheel of time, and in science fiction, it represents space and time. The city of Vilnius in Lithuania and…

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    SpaceX extends public beta on its Starlink Internet beta service to Canada and the United Kingdom

    SpaceX has previously released the public beta service of their Starlink Internet service to the United States. They call this Public Beta Service “Better Than Nothing”. SpaceX is currently expanding its service beyond the United States. At the same time, SpaceX has expanded its StarLink satellite internet internationally, and Elon Musk’s company is now testing public access to services in Canada and the United Kingdom. SpaceX has so far launched more than 1,000 Starlink satellites, aiming to build an interconnected Internet network with thousands of satellites designed to provide high-speed Internet access anywhere on Earth. Starlink set up and ready to connectSpaceX affiliates are registered in Austria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil,…

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    Xiaomi is working to block the installation of Google Services by alternative methods for non-GMS mobile phones

    Chinese smart phone companies do not provide Google Mobile Services for all smartphones launched in their country. That’s because all Google Platforms are banned in China. But even though Google Mobile Services was not provided for such smart phones, so far they have been able to download Google Mobile Services outside China or with the help of a VPN. However, they have stated that they will not be able to download Google Mobile Services from Xiaomi’s smartphones, which are a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Accordingly, it will not be possible to obtain Google Mobile Services through alternative methods for MI and Redmi smartphones that do not have Google Mobile Services purchased…

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    ByteDance is officially launching the TikTok service for Android TV

    TikTok is now one of the most popular social media platforms among the younger generation, with users spending hours on it a day like other social media platforms. However, the occasional flashback to TikTok is still there. We have informed you about this before. You may also recall that we previously released their Social Media Platform for Amazon Fire TV. They have also launched an Android TV version of the TikTok App. Introduced for Android TV, the TikTok App is now available in the Play Store and can only be installed on selected Regions. They say that in the future, the TikTok App will be available on all Android TVs…