• Lithuania And Poland Built A ‘Portal’ Connecting Two Of Their Cities, And People Love It
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    Lithuania And Poland Built A ‘Portal’ Connecting Two Of Their Cities, And People Love It

    Different boundaries separate people. By welcoming the differentiations of people such as thoughts, customs, rituals, and so on, this world will be a better place for everyone. In the modern world, there are so many ways to stay connected with each other. Those relationships are driven in a boundless way. With the help of technology, The city of Vilnius in Lithuania and the city of Lublin in Poland are now connected by a portal in which they can see each other. The portal is of a circular shape that symbolizes the wheel of time, and in science fiction, it represents space and time. The city of Vilnius in Lithuania and…

  • 11-year-old Boy in California Runs a Successful Recycling Company
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    11-year-old Boy in California Runs a Successful Recycling Company

    We all know the concept of reuse, reduce and recycle, but few were follow it. Though people discussed environmental pollution and so many environmental matters, fewer initiatives were taken to address the problem. Ryan Hickman is a kid from Orange County in California and found a perfect solution for wastage management while running it as a business. One day he went with his father to visit a local recycling center. On that day, he determined to create one such company of his own. Though others didn’t believe that he has capable of establishing a company, he did it. In the beginning, he started to providing empty plastic bags for his…

  • How The “Perfect” Female Body Has Changed In 100 Years
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    How The “Perfect” Female Body Has Changed In 100 Years

    Getting a perfect figure is one of the dreams for some women. Most of the time, women desire to go along with beauty strands and fashion trends. To inspire society and be an iconic person is the aim of modernist women. Countless diets, pills, excises, surgeries ensure the curvy of the female body. But from time to time, the beauty measurements change over time. Though some trends are outdated in a certain period, maybe it’s a new trend after so many years. So scroll below to check on the female body, which changed over the century. Camille Clifford Alice Joyce Jean Harlow Elizabeth Taylor Twiggy Farrah Fawcett Elle MacPherson Kate…

  • Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pictures And Exposed Them Online
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    People Noticed These Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pictures And Exposed Them Online

    Social media platforms are being prevalent these days. Most of the time, people are addicted to social media than ever before. People are tending to seek attention cause most of them want to feel validated or loved. People who want to be an internet sensation try to use various photo editing techniques to be prettier than they look. If you are a person who uses filters to edit photos, scroll below what others have done. You should be aware of using correct filters to get upvotes from the followers. #1 Aging Really Shouldn’t Be Something We’re Ashamed Of #2 One Of Those Whitening Ads Again #3 Her Entire Profile Is Filled With These!…

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    SpaceX extends public beta on its Starlink Internet beta service to Canada and the United Kingdom

    SpaceX has previously released the public beta service of their Starlink Internet service to the United States. They call this Public Beta Service “Better Than Nothing”. SpaceX is currently expanding its service beyond the United States. At the same time, SpaceX has expanded its StarLink satellite internet internationally, and Elon Musk’s company is now testing public access to services in Canada and the United Kingdom. SpaceX has so far launched more than 1,000 Starlink satellites, aiming to build an interconnected Internet network with thousands of satellites designed to provide high-speed Internet access anywhere on Earth. Starlink set up and ready to connectSpaceX affiliates are registered in Austria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil,…

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    Xiaomi is working to block the installation of Google Services by alternative methods for non-GMS mobile phones

    Chinese smart phone companies do not provide Google Mobile Services for all smartphones launched in their country. That’s because all Google Platforms are banned in China. But even though Google Mobile Services was not provided for such smart phones, so far they have been able to download Google Mobile Services outside China or with the help of a VPN. However, they have stated that they will not be able to download Google Mobile Services from Xiaomi’s smartphones, which are a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Accordingly, it will not be possible to obtain Google Mobile Services through alternative methods for MI and Redmi smartphones that do not have Google Mobile Services purchased…

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    ByteDance is officially launching the TikTok service for Android TV

    TikTok is now one of the most popular social media platforms among the younger generation, with users spending hours on it a day like other social media platforms. However, the occasional flashback to TikTok is still there. We have informed you about this before. You may also recall that we previously released their Social Media Platform for Amazon Fire TV. They have also launched an Android TV version of the TikTok App. Introduced for Android TV, the TikTok App is now available in the Play Store and can only be installed on selected Regions. They say that in the future, the TikTok App will be available on all Android TVs…


    Christmas star in the western sky today, the wonder of December!

    This year is a series of extremely rare events in the field of astronomy and astronomy. There will be some such wonderful events this Christmas as well. The most important of these is the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction which takes place on the 21st of this month (today). Conjunction is the approach of two celestial objects to each other. A conjunction of two planets is simply an optical illusion, that is, their relative motion is observed as if they were close to each other. This Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction happens every 20 years, but we can’t see them all. Sometimes this also happens during the day and they are not all the same. This…

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    Recovers temporary crashes of Gmail, YouTube, and several other Google services

    Yesterday, several Google services, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Docs and Google Drive, crashed. And you may have faced this problem too. Google has now fixed this problem. The Google Services Status Page also reported a Google service crash. In addition to the Google Services app, the crash also caused performance issues for smart home gadgets running with Google Assistant. It has also been reported that games such as Pokémon Go, which run on Google Backend Services, have stopped working with this. The Google Workspace Status Dashboard now shows that Google Services has been restored. According to Google’s official Twitter account for Google Cloud, an “authentication system outage” caused…

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    Apple launches Yoga Mat sale for $ 120, coincides with the launch of the Fitness + service

    Following the launch of the AirPods Max a few days ago, Apple is set to launch a new product. Accordingly, Apple is preparing to launch a personalized fitness service on December 14th. In line with this service, Apple is preparing to sell fitness accessories. Fitness + was introduced by Apple at the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE launch event in September. For the first time, Apple has listed yoga equipment in its online store. You’d be surprised to hear that it has a $ 120 Yoga Mat for free. But the truth is that Apple has listed a Yoga Mat for sale for US $ 120. Following is a…