Apple to pay for iPhone 12 devices charging adapter to be released in São Paulo, Brazil

With Apple’s decision not to offer the power adapter and earbuds in the box with the iPhone 12 Series, Apple customers around the world will have to purchase the iPhone 12 devices separately and the power adapter and earbuds separately.

However, due to the rules and regulations in France, Apple has to provide earbuds with the devices sent to France, and it is learned that Apple has to face a similar incident with Brazil.

It has been reported that Apple will have to provide a charging adapter with the iPhone 12 devices that will be shipped to Sao Paulo, Brazil, due to the removal of the power adapter by the Brazilian Public Consumer Protection Agency, or the State Consumer Protection Authority. Apple seeks clarification on what basis it was made and how it is eco-friendly.

Apple has stated in its usual response that “consumers already have enough chargers and reduce carbon emissions”, but this security authority in Brazil has stated that this is not acceptable.

In addition, the company stated that the power adapter was an essential accessory for the device, and that providing it without the iPhone 12 at the time of sale was against the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code, and that the company did not provide sufficient evidence that removing the charger from the box would in any way help the environment. The Brazilian state consumer protection authority has made the decision based on the fact that Apple has not guaranteed technical support to customers who purchase the charger.

It is learned that in the future, they hope to make it work not only in the province of Sao Paulo but also across the country.

It is expected that Apple will have to provide the power adapter with the iPhone 12 devices being released in Brazil, as was the case in France.

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